Jeffrey T. Kuhner
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Traditional America is under assault. You know it. I know it. You can see it everywhere: the emergence of a European-style nanny state; the proliferation of political correctness where basic truths can no longer be spoken; our porous southern border; nearly 50 million unborn babies slaughtered since Roe v. Wade; drugs, pornography and illegitimacy are rampant; the family is fractured; selfishness wrought by decades of the sexual revolution; the growth of multiculturalism and the balkanizing of America; the loss of our national sovereignty and distinct cultural identity; the erosion of our manufacturing base; the rise of a radical secular humanism that is ushering a post-Christian, neo-pagan culture of death; and the inability to recognize and confront the mortal threat of radical Islam.

This is the essential reality of our time. The Old Republic is dying. And it is time for patriots to save it—before it is too late. This is my mission in life. It is my calling: to warn Americans about the impending dangers we face—and to help chart a way out of the darkness. Together, if we have the strength and courage of our convictions, I know we will triumph. We have the most powerful weapon of all: the truth.

If you are a conservative nationalist, who shares the eternal values of God, country and family, then I ask you to join me. This website is about defending the values of limited government, a constitutional republic, our Judeo-Christian heritage and defeating Islamic fascism. It is about winning the cultural and ideological war for the heart and soul of America. It is about reclaiming our birthright as Americans living in a free, exceptional country—the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Unlike many other conservatives, I am not a globalist or a mouthpiece for the Republican Party. I am a true independent—an authentic (often lonely) voice speaking truth to power. I am “The Last Honest Man in Washington.” I am “Liberalism’s Worst Nightmare.” And I am here to honor our Founding Fathers by restoring our great republic—one nation under God with freedom and justice for all.

Victory is within our grasp. All we have to do is want it, will it and fight for it. Are you with me?


Jeff Kuhner

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